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Chief beardy and digital nomad who can’t get enough of big trees, loves to pretend to fly fish knowing full well he lost his fly an hour ago, finds great joy in reading the good stuff, and is desperately thankful to have the opportunity to work for a team that encourages him to chase this silly dream of living and working on the road.


Co-pilot and navigator on this grand adventure who finds blissful contentment in a hot cup of tea and a book during those rare quiet momma moments, has a secret stash of crochet needles hidden somewhere in the Casita, and will be discovering new ways to get baking without a traditional oven.


Our daughter who always has us laughing, loves all animals and bugs equally, thinks playing in the dirt is just about the best thing ever, can never resist cutting a little rug to 50’s doo-wop or 80’s heavy metal, and will occasionally get stuck in an infinite loop while singing Old MacDonald.


Chihuahua mix of some sort who loves wasting the days wrapped in her fuzzy blanket, who once ate half a box of Milk Duds, and prefers to communicate her occasional discontent through subtle messages — she once pooped on Adam’s nightstand, possibly because he didn’t share his Cheetos.


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