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Hi friends! Are you still out there? I don’t blame you if you aren’t, because let’s be honest, Adam and I have not done such a great job with this blogging thing. It’s been a bit over six months since we moved into our RV. SIX MONTHS!!! Can you believe it? We can’t! This time has definitely been an adjustment for our family and despite our intentions of blogging it just hasn’t happened nearly as often as we would like. So here I am apologizing. We hope you accept it and bear with as we work on adding blogging on the regular to our life.

Since leaving Texas at the end of June we have been in 11 states and driven about 3,300 miles. We had our RV repaired three times. We’ve visited old friends and made new ones, ate tasty food, have seen interesting and beautiful places and spent time with family. Over the next week we will be posting some photo albums to catch you up on our adventures thus far.

At this very moment we are parked in my parents driveway in New Jersey. While we had planned to only be here two/three weeks we have been soaking in the family time and two months later(!!!) we are scheduled to leave on Saturday. We will head to Asheville, NC for two weeks and then plan on making a stop in Alabama to visit Adam’s brother and Dad before heading back to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to spend the Christmas holiday with the rest of Adam’s family. We hope you’ll follow along!

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