Living Tiny: Our First Few Weeks

This past Friday marked three weeks living tiny in our Casita, Betty White. Here are some reflections.

  • There is no more leaving the dishes in the sink. Use a dish, wash a dish – or let them take over the whole Casita in about 5 seconds.
  • We need to transition Idgie to her own bed ASAP. Our bed is way too small for three people and a tiny dog! It helped that we had a waterproof dog bed otherwise we would of had even more problems. I’ve had a permanent crick in my neck the last three weeks and I am afraid I may soon need a crane to help Adam out of the bed in the morning. On a related note we are seriously considering putting a real mattress in.
  • I HATE mini blinds. I repeat, I HATE mini blinds.
  • Using the bathroom in the living room/dining room/kitchen/bedroom in front of your entire family while your husband is working and you’re asking your daughter not to feed her breakfast to the dog becomes the norm quicker than you think. Seriously.
  • Two-year-old meltdowns are still two-year-old meltdowns but they do seem bigger in less than 100sqft.
  • I was already warned about this one, but the Casita is a people magnet. People want to talk to you about it. And then when they find out you are living in it full-time with a toddler and a small dog they want to talk more. Or they stop talking and run because they think you are a crazy person.
  • Not having your own traditional bathroom and indoor shower leads to a great deal of excitement over a nice, updated and clean campground bathroom. I honestly just jumped with joy this afternoon upon entering the bathrooms at Bastrop State Park. Clean, soap at the sinks AND an actual door on the shower!
  • We should have taken dance lessons before we moved in. Every move we make needs to be choreographed.
  • Don’t leave your windows open at night without making sure there aren’t swarms of tiny, tiny bugs outside. Otherwise, you will wake up with swarms of tiny, tiny bugs inside at 3am.
  • We can fit more in the Casita than we thought we could. Time to go shopping! Actually, we still feel the need to purge a bit more.
  • If it is chilly in the morning, I can make a pot of tea and warm the place up at least five degrees.
  • I wish we had more than one drawer. I’m having trouble prioritizing my kitchen utensils and it is not pretty.
  • We moved our tiny home 7 out of the first 10 days (and at least 3/4 times since then – I’ve lost count) and it wasn’t stressful at all. Adam barely broke a sweat hitching us up (Ok, well, maybe he did but, that’s because it is still 90 degrees in Texas!), we don’t have to worry about moving a zillion things inside and putting things away for slides to go in/out, and we can take this thing pretty much anywhere.
  • It’s going to take a while for everything to feel like it’s organized and in the right place but it is already feeling like home.
  • Poop splatters. (See Adam’s Instagram feed here for that story!)
  • We can fit at least two more people in here, and as long as everyone is sitting it’s quite nice.

All in all, we are in love with Betty White and have no regrets about our decision. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

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  • Liz Stephens

    This had me rolling on the floor. You guys are the best. We might be the people who ask a million questions about the Casita. 🙂 I forgot to ask if you guys had a chance to go to the Container Store?!

    • Jenn

      Thanks, Liz! Y’all aren’t so bad yourselves…even with all the questions ? And yes, mission Container store accomplished!

  • Caleb

    One bright side is there is nowhere for the toddler to RUN in such a tiny space. 🙂
    And as for pooping in front of the family….I just couldn’t do it. Then again I thought I wasn’t going to be able to live in a 30′ RV.

    • Adam

      We’re not all comfy with the pooping part yet either. I can still scrounge up a bit of privacy for that very sacred time! I’m sure the day will come, but I hope it’s not tomorrow.

  • Peg Heathcoe

    New to your Blog; saw post on FGRV forum.
    Bravo to your tiny living adventure!

    • Adam

      Thanks for clicking on over, Peg! It’s so nice to know that folks are out there encouraging us and not just laughing *at* us 🙂

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