January . . . and February. . .

It’s already March (how the hell did that happen?!) but I told myself this year I was going to do a better job of keeping track of our time on the road and sharing it here. Not because there are a ton of you out there who have been bugging us about not writing (although there may be a few) but selfishly just for ourselves – and most importantly for our daughter. And when I say “keep track” I don’t just mean where we have been or what we did (I keep a decent record of that in my planner) but even more importantly how we are feeling, where our heads are at, our dreams, our challenges and just what every day life looks like. So here I am starting, even if January is long gone.

We began 2017 dog sitting/house sitting for our friends, Dave and Ann, in Petaluma, CA. This traveling lifestyle is interesting in many ways but friendship is definitely one of them. We connected with Dave and Ann via Instagram (@advodna_dave and @advodna_ann) and met them in person less than a handful of times before we found ourselves in their new (beautiful!) half-time home caring for their sweet Gorilla. We parked our Casita in the driveway and made ourselves at home for a week. Adam was off from work for the holidays, we had 800 sq. ft. to spread out in and it was like a mini-vacation.

Dave and Ann and their kiddos came home and we kept Betty White parked in their driveway for a week getting to know them more, being spoiled by awesome dinners together, use of their washer/dryer and shower and friends for Idgie.

Since leaving their home in early January our minds have been a bit preoccupied. During our time there a funny and unexpected thing happened. We found that despite our desire to continue traveling we really enjoyed being in a house. It was a powerful and confusing feeling for both of us and we just couldn’t shake it. We began to question our plans for the year and decided to explore the idea of a half-time home sooner than we anticipated. Except we had no idea where that half-time home would be.

When we started traveling full-time we were living in Fort Worth. We knew that was a temporary place for us, it wasn’t home. While we loved Colorado, the state we started our lives together in, we weren’t sure that was home anymore either. We love Montana, the Asheville area, New Mexico has always had a piece of our hearts, beach life is tempting and Idgie adores it….. And lets not even talk about the places we haven’t been yet!

So while we explored our way down the California coast,

Back to Arizona,

And to New Mexico

We talked and talked and talked.

And the more we explored the idea the more stressed we began to feel. We couldn’t decide on an area to focus our search, we weren’t really sure we wanted to put money into a home we wouldn’t be at often, did we want to be in the mountains or be closer to a city. It began to feel forced, so by the end of the month after lots and lots of discussion we decided that now was not the time to figure out where our half-time home would be. It will happen someday, I am sure, but hopefully it will come more naturally.

That’s not to say what we learned from our “vacation” in a house hasn’t stuck with us. We learned that while we love living tiny (most days anyway) there are some things that we really missed. You might be reading this and saying, “obviously, I could have told you that before you decided to live in less than 100 sq. ft. with a dog and a two year old without a bathroom” but its not the things that we were worried about that seem to have had the biggest impact. It’s things like having space to be creative with personal projects, missing baking and well, this one might be obvious, some occasional privacy. It’s the things that help us as individuals to recharge. Things we thought we could do without but they are really a bigger part of us than we realized. It took the experience of us living in a home again to bring it so clearly to our awareness. So we (and by we, I really mean Adam because he comes up with most of our crazy plans) have spent the month of February researching and exploring and hatching plans for how we can add those missing pieces back to our lives, as we wandered New Mexico and our way back into Texas, without purchasing a traditional home.

 And we think we have a solution. We are putting on a mobile office/bakery/creative introverts retreat in the form of a truck camper. We are pretty excited about it and will be sharing more details of the truck camper very soon. Until then we will be hanging in Texas eating lots of barbecue and burgers. And hopefully writing more.

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  • Janice

    So glad to see your post! I saw the Mali Mish YouTube interview and was happy to get that update on your lives. Please post more! I’m interested in how you will use the camper space.

    Safe travels…


    • Jenn

      Hi Janice! Thanks for reading. Writing more (and regularly) is in the plans. Although I don’t know if we will keep up with Mali Mish ? Do I remember that you are picking up a camper this month, or am I thinking of someone else?

  • Laurie Milliard

    Comment…Good to see your post. I had wondered where you guys were! I hope the truck camper meets your needs. Can’t wait to hear details. They don’t look all that much bigger than a Scamp, but once you get inside it is surprisingly spatious, or can be, depending on model and layout.

    • Jenn

      Hi Laurie! Thanks for following along! We are hoping a truck camper does to, although we never really know what works and what doesn’t until we try it. ? We just wanted a tiny bit more space. More coming soon!

  • Donald

    Greetings from spot 3 at Mother Neff State Park. 3/20

    • Adam

      Hey! We will have to stop by if we see you out and about later. Cheers!

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