Daddy got a Drone!

Still in Texas

We are back at Bastrop State Park after spending last week at the home of fellow travelers Liz and Brandon of Tin Can Plan in Austin. They were out of town working on their remodel of  a home in Waco and gave us run of the place! What is it with these sweet, trusting folks from Instagram? Don’t they know that I will try to drink all their beer and eat all their cookies and not shed one tear of regret? Liz and Brandon are a real hoot and we enjoy their company, conversation, and belly laughs every time we can get together. After a great week in Austin catching up with dear friends, though, we needed a break from the city (and traffic!), and Bastrop SP fit the bill. We like Bastrop for a couple of things: hammockable pine trees and divine restroom facilities. Seriously, when you roll without a proper bathroom, you look forward to those places that let you recharge with both nature and unreasonably (by our standards) long, hot showers. I think we may just have to do a post titled Primo Potties: Texas Edition! Oh, while we’re on the subject…

A Podcast Interview

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Heath Padgett for their RV Entrepreneur Podcast. Heath approached us about the possibility of doing an interview for the podcast earlier this year, and while this is not the kind of thing I would typically be gung-ho for, he was too damn flattering in his email to turn down. Ok, maybe my poorly-hidden inner-narcissist was salivating for any opportunity to spread the wisdom of Adam Rubbertramp. Regardless, I did see some value in stepping out of my comfort zone if it might help a fellow friend lost in the throes of wanderlust. If I could help one person start thinking about how they might pry their booties from their office chairs so that they may be firmly planted sans khakis in the adventure vehicle of their choice, well by-golly, the indigestion was worth it. You don’t have to go contractor or self-employed in order to find the freedom to travel; I did it while working as a software engineer for Lockheed Martin. This is the kind of thing I would have loved to hear when we started thinking about how we were going to make it all work from the road. If you’re at all curious about this kind of thing (and haven’t already listened to it), check out this episode that stars Yours Truly along with all of the other RV Entrepreneur Podcast episodes. Heath and Alyssa are doing good work! By the way, that crackling you hear on my end is probably beard-ference — cut me some slack, I had no idea what I was doing.

Daddy Got A Drone!

Oh yes, you read that right. It’s been a long time coming, but I finally – FINALLY – got a drone. I’ve been absolutely aching for one ever since people started posting those sweet overhead shots of groovy campsites and snazzy videos that follow their camper bumping down a dirt road through a little slice of heaven on earth. I just had to get in on the action and probably pestered poor Jenn endlessly over the last 18 months or more: “If we had a drone, I could do [insert anything, really]”, “Oh man, [some Instagrammer] has a drone too, look at this!”, and finally “Why are drones so expensive?! I NEED ONE NOW!” Like the first drops of rain that would come together to create the Colorado River that would eventually carve out the Grand Canyon, my relentless proclamations possessed a transformative effect over time. You see, these big purchases need to be a team decision, and I eventually got the green light. Since we would be staying at Casa Tincanplan, I had the requisite address to have one shipped to Austin and, on April 4th, 2017, brought our new DJI Mavic Pro into our family. Here’s the first of many videos I have planned to annoy my family.

What I’ve Been reading

I’ve been on a bit of a post-apocalyptic bender lately, possibly related to following politics and foreign diplomacy in the news. (Did I get political? I told myself I wasn’t going to do that…bad Adam.) Last week, I finished The Passage Trilogy by Justin Cronin. I’m not sure I would shelve it purely in the PA category because — well, viral vampire-like beings — but don’t get your mind wrapped up in thoughts of a sparkling Edward, or anything of the sort! (Dookie! I just publicly admitted to reading Twilight.) This is the story about an outbreak, a decimated world, and a tribe of survivors who embark on the hero’s quest to save the world. Yep, it’s a tried-and-true plot. The Toyota Camry of plots, but who cares? It made for a great read that left me hungry for another TFF (The Future is Fff…screwed) read. Jenn buys LOTS of books through Kindle deals, and recently scooped up one she thought I might like: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. This story puts the reader in the near present, but something has made the moon break apart, triggering the eventual end of life on earth and a mad rush to fling as many folks into space as possible. So far, the story is right up my alley — with real pseudo-science! — but the writing often feels too clunky and contrived. That said, I’m hopeful the story works well enough to carry me through.

My reading is not all death and destruction, though. I’ve been thinking a lot about how our experience on the road has fundamentally changed us and our perceptions on the society in which we live, and that has led me back to Thoreau. It’s been a while since I’ve spent any time with this author, so I put The Complete Works of Henry David Thoreau on the old Kindle so that I can dig back into Walden and some of his other works to sort of prime the pump for my own thoughts on our metamorphosis (gah, I need to read more Kafka too). I suspect you’ll start to see some of this take shape on the blog before long.


What’s To Come

Golly, we’ve got some interesting things in the works. More than that, though, Jenn and I aim to keep you all more informed. Lately, I’ve left the blogging for Jenn and I haven’t really been pulling my weight around here, but I would like to see that change. We’re going to shoot for two posts a week, one from each of us. Let’s see how this goes…

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