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When people find out we live in our Casita full-time one question we get asked a lot is, “do you actually cook in there or do you just eat out?”  While we love eating new foods and experiencing new restaurants it is not our preference to eat out ALL the time – for financial reasons, but also because it kind of takes the fun out of it.  Plus, I actually enjoy cooking. So we do cook in our tiny kitchen, at least one meal -if not all three – every single day. And while cooking in our tiny kitchen has taken some adjustments in what and how we cook now that we have been at it a while it’s really no big deal. So here is a little tour of our tiny kitchen and how we make it work for us.

When we were transitioning from our Class A to the Casita we thought we thought we would take our pot/pan set that we were using. It was a Magma 10 Piece Staninless Steel Cookware Set. It nested and worked with an induction cook top or propane and I loved it. However, we soon realized that although it was small for our Class A it was much too big and heavy for the Casita. Since we needed something compact and lighter we opted for a camping set by GSI Outdoors and I love it. It is small, but not too small, light, and perfectly fit above the stove.

Organizing our one tiny drawer with all our kitchen utensils (despite downsizing them) was a little tricky. We knew we needed to get some things out of there but didn’t really have any other space to put them. We were using these Urbio wall sconces for some bedside storage in the Casita and decided to try them out in the kitchen area too. We leave it up, with utensils in while driving and it stays put! We could attach another tall sconce for more utensils but we have a small one on there and use it to hold our sponge.

We keep all our dishes in one small cabinet, along with our eating utensils. We have four of everything, just in case we have company, which we sometimes do.

We have a tiny fridge that if I calculate things right I can fit a bit less than a weeks worth of food in. We  did get an additional fridge in our truck camper so we technically can store a bit more now. So far Adam is just using it has his own personal office fridge!  But we will definitely make use of it when we are a long drive from a grocery store and need to stock up.

We have a pantry for dry goods and things like olive oil, vinegar, peanut butter, honey and wine. We admittedly have not found the best way to organize this space yet and our system is always changing. It can turn into a disaster pretty quickly. In fact it has even overflowed to a second pantry area. My guess is I may just be trying to keep too much on hand.

Doing the actual cooking has taken some adjustment but not much. We have a small two-burner propane cooktop and no oven. We actually haven’t changed our meals too much because of this. I try to make a lot of simple one pot meals and things that don’t require a lot of extra prep dishes. It’s been fun figuring out how to use less without compromising making food that we enjoy eating. We do have a small Weber propane grill, which we use for the obvious things but also for things like baking sweet potatoes and using the griddle to make a bigger weekend breakfast. Lack of an oven is mostly difficult because I love baking and I miss it. I miss making our own bread weekly and being excited to try a new recipe. We had hoped our new truck camper would have space for a countertop convection oven but no such luck. We have used our Coleman Camp Oven a couple times but it really heats things up inside this tiny space. It’s probably healthier for us all that I am not baking regularly but I am determined to find a way to do it once in a while that doesn’t take up too much space.

Figuring out how to do dishes was a little tricky at first. Our sink is tiny (surprise!) and we have no space for a drying rack. At first I was just washing and drying dish by dish but that took FOREVER and we knew we needed to find another solution. We don’t really have any counter space but we do have a fold down cabinet that essentially acts as our counter. We found a folding dish mat at Target and put it on there to hold the dishes. Of course, we can’t let them air dry there because we would have no room to walk but it still allows me to wash all the dishes and then dry them all without going back and forth, plus they do dry a bit.

So there it is, our Tiny Ass Kitchen. Contrary to what I have read on some of the Casita based forums/groups, you can actually cook in a Casita – we’ve been doing it every day for about eight months now. Let me know if you are curious about any aspect of our kitchen I may have forgot to cover in this post or your tips for tiny kitchen cooking. We’d love to hear them!


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  • Jackie from australia

    Do you ever cook over a fire. I use my camp oven (dutch oven?) For baking on camping trips.

    • Jenn

      Hi Jackie! We actually haven’t done too much cooking over a fire since we have been been full-time in an RV. We debated on bringing our large cast-iron pan and dutch oven when we downsized to the Casita but they didn’t make the cut, too big and too heavy, and we just haven’t made a fire often enough to justify having them. That may change someday.

  • Kate @ The Streamlined Life

    You make cooking in a tiny ass kitchen look good! I actually like cooking in ours, it felt cozy and like I had my whole world within fingertips reach, if that makes sense. Our meals were simpler too.

    • Jenn

      Thanks! It is cozy and I enjoy cooking in it. Everything is definitely in reach. I could probably cook sitting down if I wanted to. ?

  • Drea

    Hi! We are trying to set up the kitchen in our new-to-us 17′ Spirit standard, and this post is super helpful and inspiring (as is your whole blog!). Can you tell me how the veggie/fruit hammock is fastened to the underside of the cabinet? And if you know what brand of hammock it is? Thank you!

    • Jenn

      Hey Drea – Thanks for the kind words! We used Command hooks for the veggie/fruit hammock. We take the hammock down on drive days to be safe but they have worked great and we probably tend to overload it which may be why I am in the market for a new hammock. Ours is hanging on for dear life. I honestly don’t recall where we got it but it did have a wooden bar from one end to the other when we did and we took that out. If you’d like I can take a picture of how it’s fastened and email it to you. Just let me know.

      • Drea

        A photo would be great if it’s not too much trouble! I’m not familiar with Command hooks, but a little googling has shown me that will probably be handy in the Casita. I think we’ve been looking at the very same hammock on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000E7ZT32/) – I wondered if you’d removed the top wooden bar so it wouldn’t hang down as much. Thanks again!

        • Jenn

          No trouble at all. I will take a picture tomorrow and send it your way. And yes, that is the exact one we just took the top wooden bar out.

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