Top Three: Ice Cream

It has been hot lately! 90’s in Montana hot! We decided to come up this way with memories of wearing sweaters not sweating but since that is exactly what we are doing we have been spending lots of time in the amazingly clear, cool lakes here and eating lots of ice cream from one of our favorite ice cream shops. Not a totally bad thing. I imagine a lot of you are in the same boat and I heard today is National Ice Cream day so here are our Top Three Ice Creams shops (so far!). If you happen to be remotely near one, go grab some!

  1. MELT Ice Creams – Fort Worth, Texas

MELT has awesome ice cream flavors but it also hold some special memories for us. MELT opened in 2014 right around the time Adam and I were attending birthing classes about 5 minutes from where they were located so each week after our class we would stop and get ice cream. The first flavor I ever had there was called Nuts for Rosie – vanilla ice cream with pecans and rosemary – and it’s still my favorite. They change their flavor’s monthly (occasionally repeating some fan favorites) and always have the basic chocolate, vanilla and delicious vegan options. MELT regularly partner with other local businesses and support local and global non-profits which is always a plus in my book. Some of their current flavors include Sweet South – basil infused buttermilk and sweet corn ice cream with a swirl of housemade blackberry jam, and Turkish Delight – vegan coconut milk and pistachio ice cream with a hint of rosewater.

  1. Sweet Peaks Ice Cream – Montana

Sweet Peaks has multiple locations throughout Montana (and one in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) but we first discovered it in Whitefish, which is the original location. They typically have 16-18 flavors at a time and rotate them seasonally. We have been visiting them often lately but my favorite is still London Fog (black tea infused ice cream with lemon and shortbread). They source local ingredients for their flavors like Huckleberry ice cream with huckleberries picked in the mountains near Libby, Montana or the Wustner Brother’s Honey Cinnamon with honey from an apiary outside of Missoula. Every flavor we have tried has been amazing and we have tried a lot. They even have ice cream for your furry friends. Shh don’t tell Dakota she hasn’t tried it yet.

Update: Dakota tried it this afternoon and gave it a thumbs up! If you want to see what a small dog eating ice cream looks like check out our Instagram.

  1. Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar – Healdsburg, California

First of all the name says enough – ice cream AND pie bar. It’s a two for one deal and you should try both! We discovered Noble Folk this past winter and it was so good we went back twice even though we were wearing our poofy jackets and it was way to cold to be eating ice cream. I had the same thing twice – Cardamom Almond ice cream – because I am obsessed with all things Cardamom and it was so good. They change their pies and ice cream flavors regularly using seasonal, local ingredients combining Japanese and Scandinavian flavors and using old world grains such as farro and buckwheat for their pie crusts. If you visiting Healdsburg (which you should) definitely stop in, even if you are shivering.

And because I can’t not mention our favorite Denver ice cream places in no particular order: Little Man Ice Cream (because whatever flavor you get you will love even if you wait in a long line), Liks Ice Cream (because I love their banana shake) and Sweet Action Ice Cream (because Adam and I had a biscuit and jam ice cream there like 6 years ago that we still talk about).

Where is your favorite place to get ice cream?

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  • Sarah

    We ate at Sweet Peaks in Bozeman and I had London Fog. So good!

    • Jenn

      Yes! Every time we go and they have it I am tempted to get it and not try anything else!

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