Finding Our Way

Earlier this year we thought we would head east from Texas towards the Atlantic coast and then north, making our way up to Maine, maybe into Canada and then heading back south for my youngest sister’s wedding in New Jersey in November. But we stayed in Texas longer than expected and we were longing for mountains and cooler temps. So even though that was our “plan” we ditched it and headed north, to Colorado, Wyoming and eventually the Flathead Valley in Montana.

If you’ve been following along with us for a while you might be thinking haven’t you already been to those places and didn’t you spend TWO MONTHS in Montana last year?   And you would be correct we have and we did but here’s the thing sometimes you desire to continue exploring places that you love and that feel like home. Sometimes you want to slow down and stay somewhere awhile.  We spent seven weeks in the Flathead Valley this summer, we loved it but then we had the itch to move on.  So we did.

We often get asked about how we plan our travel and how long we typically stay in one place. The answers are we don’t really and as long as we want. I just made my first campground reservation for the Casita a few days ago. I only did it because I knew we needed to stay in one place for more than three days for our sanity and it’s summer in the UP. It feels like a really strange mix of anxiety and calm to know where exactly we will be next week after spending most of the year not knowing.

When we dreamed of this lifestyle we dreamed of staying in a place for as long or as short of a time as we wanted. And since transitioning to the Casita that is generally what we do. But sometimes we also have somewhere we need to or would like to be. In the last ten days or so we have left Montana, been in five states and three time zones. We knew we needed to be in New Jersey at the start of September, and that we wanted to stop and visit friends in Indiana, but we also wanted to explore some new places. So despite knowing it would require us to move faster than we typically like to we decided to head to Indiana via North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan despite it not being the shortest most direct route.

While we love seeing new things and exploring new places the reality for us is that moving this fast is only sustainable for so long. We aren’t on vacation, this is just our life.  Adam works a typical 40 hour a week, M-F, 8-5,  job with a bit of flexibility. It’s tricky to move during the week. We have an almost three year old who is amazing at long travel days, patient and flexible but who also has her limits and who is just getting the hang of using the toilet. And Adam and I, we crave time to slow down and just be, a tiny bit of routine, time to do nothing. But the amazing thing about this life is we chose it, we knew we could move fast now because we knew once we hit New Jersey we will stay put for a bit before heading out on our next adventure.

We are choosing this life of travel so that we can move at our own pace, choosing not to feel the need to see or do all the things, all the time at the expense of what really works for us and our family.The more we travel, the more we find out what works for us and what doesn’t.  It has been a  process, with lots of trial and error but we are finding our way. Slow then fast, fast then slow, repeat.


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  • Kate

    Sounds like a perfect way to approach life in general. There are always seasons where life is moving quickly and then we can resr again in the slow. Love you guys and your beautiful, inspiring way of doing life.

    Can’t wait to see you very soon!

    • Jenn

      Yes! Thank you! Love you guys and can’t wait to see you soon too! P.S. Idgie’s on a countdown until her birthday with V and C!

  • Victoria the Justice Pirate

    I still want to see about somehow meeting you when you come to NJ.
    Keep up the great travels!
    I really am so inspired by the Casita life you are living!

    • Jenn

      Aw thanks Victoria! We will be there in the next week or so. I will email you when we do and we can definitely plan a time to get together! Would be awesome to meet you!

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