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We had grand plans of toting around our big sewing machine and making curtains for Betty White shortly after we moved in, but we soon realized lugging the big sewing machine around was pretty unrealistic for us and curtains were going to take a back seat to the fun and excitement of exploring in our new smaller rig.  So when we decided to spend a few months back in NW Montana this summer slowing down making curtains was on the top of our “to do” list.

There are so many ways to make curtains and hang them in a Casita. We have had some questions on how we did ours so I thought I would share. We are far from professional seamstresses and the last time I actually sewed anything was to make bunting for our wedding four years ago. It’s likely been way longer for Adam. So when I say these are easy to make they really are.

Step One

Measure your windows to determine what size cafe rods and how much fabric you will need. Since we chose to hang our cafe rods from the fiberglass storage units above the windows we measured from the bottom of the storage units to the bottom of the window frame. We added 2 more inches for extra length, 1.5 inches for the pocket for the cafe rod, and 1.0 for hem (.5 on the top and .5 on the bottom). For the width we measured from one side of the window frame to the other, added 6 inches to allow for room to gather and 2 more inches to account for hems. We then divided this number by 2 to create two panels for each window.

Step Two

Gather your supplies. Here is what we used.

  • Five cafe rods to fit the length of our windows. We purchased ours at Target.
  • Command hooks to hang the cafe rods. We used these.
  • Fabric. We chose a print cotton fabric for the front and a plain white cotton fabric for the lining. We bought 6 yards of each and had some left over.
  • Sewing Machine. Since we opted not to lug our big sewing machine around we purchased a small, Janome Sew Mini Sewing Machine, that we are pretty pleased with. Its small, light and works well for basic sewing projects.
  • Thread in the color of your choice. We chose a gray similar to our curtains.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Chalk or fabric pencil or marker.
  • Straight pins.
  • An iron and ironing board. I can’t tell you the last time I ironed a piece of clothing so we had to purchase these and went with a small travel iron by Sunbeam  and a foldable ironing mat.  Which worked perfectly.

Step Three

Cut your fabric panels to size. Each window will have two panels, each panel uses two pieces of fabric, one front (we used a pattern for this ) and one back or lining (we used white for this).

Step Four

To create one panel start by placing one piece of front fabric and one piece of back fabric on top of each other with the “right sides” (the sides you want to see) facing in.

Use the straight pins to create a half Inch seem around the perimeter of the entire fabric with the exception of a space at the top big enough to fit your hand. You can freehand this or measure and draw lines using the chalk pencil first which is what we did. Make sure you pay attention to the direction you insert the pins so it is easy to remove them when you are sewing.

Step Five

Start at one end of your opening. Back stitch and then follow the perimeter removing pins as you go. Back stitch again at the end.

Step Six

Use your hand to turn the panel right side out.

Step Seven

Iron the panel. Making sure to fold the hem for the opening to allow for easier closure.

Step Eight

Sew a stitch around the perimeter about .5 inches including the opening you had previously left. Backstitching at each end.  This helps the panels lay flat.

Step Nine

Fold over the top 1.5 inches and iron a crease. Pin to hold.

Step Ten

Run stitch along bottom of fold to create pocket for cafe rod, backstitching at each end.

Step Eleven

Hang. We attached command hooks to the underside of our fiberglass cabinets and hung the cafe rods from them. We hung them so the opening of the hook is facing the wall and have left them up on drive days. There has only been a few times we walked in to a rod off of the hook (and usually we can remember the bump that caused it).

Step Twelve

Decide if you want to create ties. We initially thought we might sew ties but haven’t yet. Currently we are using a gray cotton yarn that I crocheted into a simple chain to tie ours back. Most often we just tie the curtain on the side of the window that opens and allow the other side to help block out the sun.

Although Betty White already felt like home to us adding the curtains made her feel even more so. They aren’t perfect by any means but we love them.

** We did use affiliate links in this post but only link to things we have actually used and would recommend to others**

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  • Victoria the Justice Pirate

    I make my own curtains for my home and this is how I do them too (without the cinch in the middle). LOVE these. They are really adorable!!!

    • Jenn

      Thanks, Victoria!

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