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Living in less than 100 square feet is not easy. And if you’ve read other posts on this blog than you know living tiny wasn’t our end game, it was a product of our desire to travel, and then to travel a certain way. Over time though living small has become important to us because we have realized that living small actually creates space in our lives for things that really matter to US.

Minimizing physical living space has created space for:

Travel – our current home is on wheels so it is obviously built for travel but living small and not having a huge mortgage allows us to financially afford said travel in the US and also spend more time traveling abroad which is a huge goal of ours. While our home will not always have wheels choosing a small home that is affordable to create the financial means for regular travel will always be a priority.

Time – Living in a small home provides more time to explore, spend time as a family, participate in hobbies or social activities/events. While no home (wheels or not) is without some effort living in a small home is less time consuming – less time taking care of a home equals more time doing things we enjoy.

Mental Space – In many ways this is the product of the two things above but it is so important to our family. Because we are living small we stress less about finances, home care and have more time for self care creating a positive mental space to deal with stressors when they do arise. Because we are traveling and enjoying our time together as a family and doing things that bring us joy we are in a healthier mental space. We can truly enjoy the moments and memories we are collecting and focus on being present each day.

We have learned that physical space does you no good if you don’t have space in your lives for things or people that truly make you happy. While living tiny, or even small, might not be for everyone I think it’s worth taking a look at how you can create space in your life for things that matter to you. I doubt you’ll regret it.

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  • Victoria the Justice Pirate

    I really love all the traveling you’ve been doing lately too with that great little space you live in. I think stress free finances is the best!!! Well not the best, because family time is the best, but I mean to have no burdens of “if you’ll have enough for rent” or anything like that is important. Keep up the traveling and coolness!

  • Kaylan

    Yes! Less thought and stress about where you live opens up so much more time for… living. Traveling, relationships, whatever. I’m so with you 🙂

  • A Life Shift

    100% agree with your sentiments – except in my case even thought we are living small we pay a CRAZY AMOUNT for rent. Of course if our place was larger we would pay even more, which slightly puts my mind at ease. But our location in the world right now allows us to travel to Asia more easily and frequently than we ever would have from North America. So, as usual, it’s all a balance!

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