What We’ve Been…January 2018

Starting something new and sharing things I/we have been enjoying on the last day of each month. So here goes January.


Jenn – I started off this year with two AMAZING books, in my opinion, and am hoping the rest of the year will keep up. The first was The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, the basic premise is a black teenage girl who witnesses her friend killed by police. The second was This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel, it’s about a family, secrets and raising a transgender child. Both of these books made me think and feel (and cry) and I didn’t want to put them down. Have you read either? I would love to hear your thoughts.

AdamElmet by Fiona Mozely -the story of a family who lives alternatively squatting on property and the slow come to terms with the land owner. Beautifully written from a language perspective but slower placed.  Artimis by Andy Weir – a colony on the moon fueled by tourism and organized crime. Enjoyed it but not nearly as much as The Martian. Struggled with the female protagonist not feeling believable.

Idgie – This kiddo is loving having the option of checking out books at the library. This month she really enjoyed The Runaway Dinner by Allan Ahleberg and Bruce Ingman and she has been especially enjoying Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner which we pulled out of our storage unit.

Listening to: Anything on the record player. +1 for a little more room to have one again!

Eating: Haywood Smokehouse in Dillsboro, NC. When we made that long drive down here to visit the cabin for the first time we stopped there for lunch, and it definitely helped make the decision knowing that there was delicious food so close by. We’ve been back countless times since. Typically we order a Smokehouse Combo platter and it’s more than enough for the three of us.

Loving:  Yoga with Adriene! Look it up, try it! Exercise is not my strong suit. I am not a go to the gym or run 10 miles (or even 1) kind of person. I have tried to be, but it just doesn’t work out (ha!). I do however always feel better when I am physically active on a regular basis and have sporadically done yoga throughout my life. Sadly it has always been sporadic with the exception of during my pregnancy with Idgie. After my first trimester I did yoga at home in our kitchen EVERY DAY and I felt the best I have ever felt. Prior to that I never made getting to classes a priority and I had never thought about a home practice. I also really underestimated the power of doing yoga more than once a week. Since Idgie has been born- a zillion years ago now – I have not prioritized any exercise and definitely had a hard time regularly committing to it outdoors, in front of strangers in campgrounds with Idige running around, still not quite old enough to be trusted not to wander off.  All that being said, I finally found my thing. This last month I took part in a the True 30 Day Yoga Challenge and even though I missed some days during our recent trip to Texas to empty our storage unit (more on that soon) I didn’t give up and have absolutely loved it. It has allowed me to give some time to myself, physically but also mentally and not in a total  woowoo way. You can access Adriene’s videos on YouTube (including the thirty day challenge ones) for free.

I haven’t convinced Adam to join in on the yoga yet. Although Idgie seems to be on board when she’s not climbing all over me! However, they are both enjoying LEGOS. This is not a new thing necessarily, Idgie’s had DUPLOs since she was a wee one but I got Adam a LEGO kit he had been eyeing and he and Idgie spent hours at the table one weekend this last month working on it.

Exploring: Our New-ish Backyard. We haven’t made exploring a priority this past month as a result of our trip to the storage unit in Texas but we did still get some time in visiting some new to us places in the town of Sylva including City Lights Cafe and Balsam Falls Brewing Co. 


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  • Victoria the Justice Pirate

    Funny! I used to have that same Strawberry Shortcake shirt when I was that age!
    that is good that you are trying to exercise the best that you can. Good work. I have a hard time running without walking in between it. Libraries are so fun. We go every week ourselves and the librarians are used to seeing our faces. haha. Love the shots here.

    • Jenn

      Thanks for the encouragement and compliments! And Idgie has no idea who Strawberry Shortcake is, I bought that shirt more for my own enjoyment haha.

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