About Us

Our Brief Story

A bunch of stuff happened from birth until the day we stashed the last box in our storage unit and called an RV home. I don’t think you’re here for that bit. Instead, I think you might want to know about why the heck we decided to make the decision to leave a traditional life behind and move into something with wheels. It wasn’t some grand epiphany that brought the question of why we all live the lives we do, what roll societal expectations play in our life choices, or anything quite that meaningful. Not in the beginning. We just happened to be on our honeymoon roadtrip through the American West when, somewhere near St. Mary, Montana, one of us pined about why we couldn’t live our lives exploring beautiful and interesting places. We knew the honeymoon would end soon, and we’d have to return to our home in the Colorado suburbs, and that just didn’t jibe with where are hearts wanted to be. I’m not sure why it happened in Montana, but I think it had something with Glacier National Park. That place has a way of changing your perspective forever.

Flashforward to March of 2015 when we became the newest owners of a Winnebago Meridian 42E. It was a glistening apartment on wheels, replete with 1.5 baths, a king-sized air bed, sectional sofa, and three televisions (one outside!). It was nothing short of breathtaking. We initially decided to go with a big Class A diesel pusher because we thought it was the best way to transition to a life on the road with a big Irish Wolfhound named George. He was an older dog, and we thought we could either wait for him to move on, or stop waiting and just get on with things already. Around the same time, an opportunity for work fell into my lap that would give us the freedom we needed to travel full time. Sometimes things should not be delayed, so we went big and hit the road as soon as we possibly could.

After living in a 43-foot McMansion on wheels for a year, we knew deep in the cockles of our hearts that it was time for a change. We loved life on the road, but being so big had significant limitations keeping us from the life we had envisioned when we hatched this silly plan. We also knew that George’s time with us was very limited after a few visits with the vet. We thought long and hard about what we wanted the next phase of this adventure to look like, and realized that our needs and expectations in life had changed significantly since we first hit  the road. We were tired of being so dang comfortable and felt like we needed more compromise in life so that more adventures might flourish.

Knowing that we could get by with much less space, we began the search for our next home. That search lead us on a rather meandering path of Class B camper vans and more that ended with the Casita travel trailer. We visited the factory in January of 2016 and fell almost instantly in love. Heck, we didn’t even really care about the carpeted walls. Everything about it was functional and well thought out for an affordable 17-foot travel trailer. The only real challenge was that Casitas are designed to accommodate two (occasionally three) people and we were three with a potential for four in our future. Looking at the layouts they offered we began to question if we really needed a bathroom in our home to be happy and were honestly surprised by how each of us answered that potentially polarizing question. Nope, we could ditch the bathroom and get the 17 Spirit Standard.

So, here we are, a family of three (and a small dog!) exploring this beautiful country while living in a tiny ass camper without a bathroom that we lovingly named Betty White. There’s a whole lot more to this story and why we have chosen to call a Casita home, and we hope you’ll come back from time to time to get caught up with the goings on.

See you on the road!
Adam, Jenn, and Imogen (and Dakota)